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“The world’s needs are increasing like molten lava in an overdue volcano. Each day we watch a litany of news reports of famines, wars, and epidemics, often even as we are deftly shoveling in the abundance of our own food. We casually flip past the advertisement appeals picturing babies with stomachs bloated by malnutrition. The needs are so overwhelming that, instead of shocking us to action, they make us callous, insensitive.

“In some ways we are acquiring an intolerable burden of guilt that could immobilize us. Again, I think back to the ministry of Jesus. He healed people, but in a localized area. In His lifetime, He did not affect the Celts or the Chinese or the Aztecs. Rather, He set in motion a Christian mission which was to spread throughout the world, responding to human needs everywhere. We must begin with our resources, our neighborhood, our theater of service. Although we cannot change the whole world individually, together we can fulfill God’s command to fill the earth with His presence and love. When we stretch out our hand to help, we stretch out the hand of Christ’s body.”

~Philip Yancy in Fearfully and Wonderfully Made


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Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday

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Diane W. Bailey


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    Yes, yes, yes. All we can do is all we can do – where ever it is God leads us. Sometimes I have to pull back – stay offline and not watch or listen to the news for a few days. Not a sticking my head in the sand, but creating a space for the Holy Spirit to direct me. “I want to love and live like Jesus, Lord. What is it you would have me do?” It can all be so overwhelming – the needs, the suffering and pain.
    Patricia @ Pollywog Creek recently posted..Still Saturday::for the sake of far greater joy…

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      I was telling my husband today that it seemed life was easier when we were insulated from everything. When all we had was the evening news and maybe a newspaper. Now it’s 24/7 i all kinds of formats. The world at our door. Sometimes we have to shut the door to listen. And sometimes we have to open it and do what we can do where He directs.

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    Oh, you have captured my many thoughts! Thanks for sharing these words of encouragement. We can’t fix the whole would but we can do our part to change our corner. Blessings, Kasey