still saturday: there is a line



“There is One who tells her where her proud waves halt. You can point to her limits, her boundaries. There is a line where wet sand meets dry, and the line is wavy and it changes with the tides.

“But there is a line and God draws it with his finger.

“We want to live a beautiful life that means something. We want to create and love and move on purpose. We want to make art. We know we are image bearers and our hands itch for the job we were made to do. But we cannot push results ahead of receiving. We cannot dig in our heels against the natural rhythm of the sea and expect to win, stretch out stiff arms in the face of God and refuse to receive what he has to offer.”

~ Emily P. Freeman in A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live


Still and receiving,


P.S. Note the new button!

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday

Welcome to the Still Saturday Community where we pause after a busy week, move in quiet pilgrimage, maybe linger a while in some still place, and soak in the beauty of images and words. We’d love for you to join us. Get the details on the left, grab your favorite button, and link up below. We all love to hear if something especially speaks to your heart, but please don’t feel pressured to comment. Simply take some time to gaze long and drink deep.


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      Thanks, Susan! I cannot believe that Lyla went to my Flickr pool and happened to choose that image. And not only that, it happened to be the one on the mug, and she didn’t even realize it. Just so cool!

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    Like we cannot rush the flow and ebb, I have learned to wait for Him in order to write – and like the boundaries – I have listened to where He says I should and should not go with my writing:) We all have boundaries – it prevents destruction to ourselves and others! Lovely new button and nourishing message today Sandra!

    bluecottonmemory recently posted..Hope to a Hungry Sparrow

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      I’m so glad you tied that quote into our writing lives, Maryleigh. And Emily also talks about learning to see our limitations as gifts…

      And I’m so glad you’re part of this community. :)

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    Loved Emily’s book. I read though in snippets and with a crowded mind. I want to sit with it long. Sometimes I felt she was writing just to me.

    I love your new site. I really love the words you scatter here Sandy and love you. So thankful for the poem you are in the world…
    Dea recently posted..Day 18,257

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      I know exactly what you mean. I’ve written all over mine. I wish she’d written it years ago. Of course, she was a lot younger years ago… maybe not even born when I would’ve liked it. But I tell myself the wisdom’s arrived in just the right season. :)

      So blessed to make poetry with you, Dea.

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    Blessings, Sandra! Thanks so much for hosting – love the “stillness” theme always and am reading Emily’s book with great joy! A terrific quote – with boundaries we enjoy more freedom!

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    I loved the book as well. “There is a line & God draws it with His finger.” Remembering today that He determines the boundaries for my life. And He determines where & how things come together in my life as well. Thank you! And your site is beautiful especially the header. Blessings today!
    Joanne Viola recently posted..His Epic Grace