still saturday: every morning


Every morning I walk like this around
the pond, thinking: if the doors of my heart
ever close, I am as good as dead.

Every morning, so far, I’m alive. And now
the crows break off from the rest of the darkness
and burst up into the sky–as though

all night they had thought of what they would like
their lives to be, and imagined
their strong, thick wings.

~Mary Oliver, in “Landscape,” New and Selected Poems, Volume One


In the stillness,


Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday

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    What a beautiful post! And I loved the photos. Your simple post today is speaking stillness to my heart…


    (I couldn’t get the thumbnail to work yesterday or today, so I linked up using the generic Linky Tool icon. Not so pretty, but wanted to still join the party. Hopefully, whatever’s going on will be fixed shortly…)
    Sharon recently posted..MY DAD – A LAST REMEMBRANCE

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      I didn’t even know you could use a generic Linky Tool. Linky Tool’s hard drive disintegrated/blew up/burned up/died or something. It’s fixed now, so should be back in order next week. So far, they’re still trying to reclaim a couple months’ worth of images…but the links all work. So sorry for the inconvenience, Sharon. :(

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    What a beautiful poem! How very true … if the doors of our hearts ever close, we are as good as dead. So grateful that this morning I am alive. May He keep my heart open & ever feeling. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this poem!
    Joanne Viola recently posted..From The Fish


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