Seven Sweet Ones

Post the links to seven posts in seven categories. That’s the challenge ProBlogger Darren Rowse issued. Katie (K.M.) Weiland and Linda Yezak took him up on it this week. It seems like a good time for me to join in the fun as I comb through all the posts imported from Blogger.

Link #1: My first post. Beholding God celebrated its first birthday last month. The Journey Begins contains (if I counted right) 15 “-ing” words and 22% passive sentences. Yikes!

Link #2: The post I enjoyed writing the most. Okay, so I can’t choose just one. I enjoy the challenge of blog carnivals and prompts and just learning to “hang out on” the page. I tried some poetry in Swallowed by His Strength and had no idea how Squirrel Thoughts – Old would end up when I started it. Fun stuff.

Link #3: A post which had great discussion. Faithful to the End based on Matthew 5:10-12 stirred some deep emotions about standing for Jesus in the face of persecution.

Link #4: A post on someone else’s blog that I wish I’d written. Oh, wow. So many posts that stirred my spirit, like they could have poured from my heart. But if I have to choose one, it might be Amy Sorrell’s For Writers: Risks, Costs, and the Fight. But then there’s Cassandra Frear’s latest post called Room to Grow where she sat down for coffee with her inner writer. Okay, that’s two again. I can’t help it.

Link #5: My most helpful post. I don’t know if 7 Writing Tips From a 7-Year-Old was most helpful, but it certainly got the most hits of any post, in its original and repost.

Link #6: A post with a title I’m proud of. How about I Want to be a Stripper? Kind of catchy, don’t you think?

Link #7: A post I wish more people had read. I kind of wish more people had read my guest post yesterday, Gah-mah’s Arms. It’s one of those writing in place things.

So that’s it. My seven. Though if I wrote this again, I might choose different posts.

What are your seven? If you take the challenge, come back and post your link in the comments.


    • Sandra says

      We have VBS next week. Creative Arts. One of the “majors” is writing and journalism. Guess what she signed up for. :)

  1. says

    So, I just went over to read Gah-mah’s arms… There are those pieces we write, and then there’s something about those pieces we write and really long for someone to read.

    Worth the trip. It’s beautiful.

    I’m a little bit (I sure hope) from grandparenting yet, but I can still remember standing and watching my now-gargantuan boys sleep in their tiny form, dreaming, always wanting to curl them up with me, and sometimes messing up their naps because of it.
    Lyla Lindquist recently posted..Front Line Worship

  2. Sandra says

    Thanks, Lyla.

    They grow so fast. And there’s no more cuddling my boy. He’s a foot taller than I am.