Behold the Dawn After All – A Book Spine Poem

Behold the dawn

a sound among the trees

through open windows.

Hear the applause of heaven

in a syllable of water.

God is closer than you think,

and there is gaining through losing

with absolute surrender.

Abba’s child

is walking on water

in the eye of the storm

traveling light


walking sacred pathways

bringing one thousand gifts

and the rest of God

to stained glass hearts

with an everlasting love.

For to love is Christ

after all.

Behold the dawn.

Offering this spiney poem for Tweetspeak’s August Rain Project


  1. says

    This poem, made from this stack of books, says so much about you.

    And yes, I recommend adding “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” to your stack. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. It also helped me to figure out some stuff in my life that I couldn’t get any other way than in novel form.
    Megan Willome recently posted..The Artist Dates: Beckendorf Gallery

    • Sandra says

      I’ve added Harold to my wish list. :)

      I could probably spend days creating poems from my books. I note this one’s a little Lucado heavy. :)

  2. Jillie says

    Sandra! How very clever! How very true.
    All that we glean from all the great authors we are drawn to.

    “Everywhere I have sought rest and not found it,
    except sitting in a corner by myself
    with a book.”
    -Thomas a Kempis

    • Sandra says

      I have no doubt that you could do this, Linda. In fact, I’ll bet you could write a hymn…

  3. KATHY says

    The way you tied the titles to express a complete thought is amazing and also great revelations of how much your reading can become cohesive. I’m sure you have done this before but it is a revelation to me. The photos of books with their titled spines support the wonderful poem you created. You are a very talented and creative writer.

    • Sandra says

      Awww, thanks, Kathy. I love the idea of cohesive reading. That’s a very cool thought.

      And this is the first time I’ve tried this.