Still Saturday: The Rest of My Life

“There is a rest in love. A pause, a trusting pause before a spinning world. A place of mending when the threads have come undone. Lord, you calm my resisting soul. You hush the voice of urgency, of panic, of alarm. You call down severity, diminish need. You tender me to silence, loving, curing silence. Till the deep filaments of my body are still. Till the blood slows. O let me live in love’s endless Sabbath. Let it follow me in all the tracks I make through this unsteady world. May I know when it calls to me. And let peace in me be generous, irresistible, catching in a world killing itself for the want of it.”

“In Christ, the rest of my life. Amen.”

“May silence be a welcomed event, a refuge, a regathering place.
May it be a good defense.
May you find God there and often.”
~David Teems in To Love is Christ


Welcome to Still Saturday where we pause after a busy week, move in quiet pilgrimage, maybe linger a while in some still place, and soak in the beauty of images and words. We’d love for you to join us. Get the details above, grab your favorite button, and link up below. We all love to hear if something especially speaks to your heart, but please don’t feel pressured to comment. Simply take some time to gaze long and drink deep.



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    ‘Morning, Sandy. Today won’t be super-duper restful, but I will get to hear a great band/orchestra concert this morning, thanks to a lot of talented 7th-9th graders. I will sit and rest and listen.
    Megan Willome recently posted..The Fighter

    • Sandra says

      I so appreciate these quiet moments that start rolling in on Friday evening. Coming back to them helps settle me throughout the day, weekend, and into the week.

      And to sit and listen to music and think about the ability to make and hear it–there is rest in that, I think. Have a wonderful day–and weekend, Megan.

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    “In Christ, the rest of my life. Amen.”
    I like a lot about this, particularly the inference that the first of our live may not have made much room for Christ, but the rest, now that may be a different story. Redemption is always a good way to start the day.
    JoAnne Potter recently posted..Pushed into Shape

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    Jolted from deep sleep with a call from our friend, a doctor, coming to look at my sons swollen feet and legs upon return from camp. We’ll see what this day holds. Nice to visit with you on this beautfiul Saturday.
    Shelly Miller recently posted..From What I Am Not

    • Sandra says

      Happy birthday, Papa! Have a wonderful day, Michelle. A root beer float sounds yummy.

    • Sandra says

      These words are all David Teems’, Elizabeth. All. And he has a wonderful gift. I would love to learn to use my words as beautifully.

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    Sandra – I found your blog through Shelly at Redemptions Beauty. I love the idea of Still Saturday. I (almost)always post a “Weekend Reflection” at by blog and thought this would be a wonderful place to link up.

    Your post was so calming and soothing.

    Many blessings,
    Joan recently posted..Weekend Reflections ~ Seek Him

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    Silence is a precious commodity Sandy. These quotes are restful in and of themselves.I find I have to work at finding silence sometimes – a deliberate turning off of everything else and just letting in the quiet.
    Have a lovely, restful weekend sweet friend.
    Linda recently posted..Resting In Grace

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    “Living in love’s endless Sabbath” is just about the best picture I could imagine today. Seeing so much, TOO much, that is filled with seriosity by family, and neighbors, and the world, fills my heart with sorrow and grief for them. Rejoicing in my heart simply b/c I know the end may well be filled with peace, mercy, and heavenly care keeps me moving on. Thanks. Loverly, as usual.
    Joanne Norton recently posted..ISAIAH 58:11