Still Saturday: So We Might Know Him

In a culture where busyness is a fetish and stillness is laziness, rest is sloth. But without rest, we miss the rest of God: the rest he invites us to enter more fully so that we might know him more deeply. “Be still, and know that I am God.” Some knowing is never pursued, only received. And for that, you need to be still. ~Mark Buchanan in The Rest of God


Welcome to Still Saturday where we pause after a busy week, move in quiet pilgrimage, maybe linger a while in some still place, and soak in the beauty of images and words. We’d love for you to join us. Get the details above, grab your favorite button, and link up below. We all love to hear if something especially speaks to your heart, but please don’t feel pressured to comment. Simply take some time to gaze long and drink deep.


  1. Christina says

    “Be still and know..” is my verse for this year. Still learning how to rest in Him, even in the midst of a busy life. Beautiful, calming photos. Blessings!
    Christina recently posted..The Rock of Ages

    • Sandra says

      Definitely words to live by! I’m learning, too. So glad you’re here, Christina.

  2. says

    I love that book, its one of my favs. And Mark Buchanan, he is in my top three favorite Christian authors. He never disappoints. You just have so much fun with the camera. We both enjoy a good beauty scavenger hunt I think.
    Shelly Miller recently posted..Here’s the Dilemma

    • Sandra says

      I think we do. Can you imagine what it will be like when we meet up, maybe go hiking?

    • Sandra says

      It will indeed be quiet. Possibly. Our Grace is gone for a week. I have big, quiet plans–part of which include no plans at all. :)

  3. says

    isn’t that just the sweetest way of grace
    …the way He pursues us
    and calls us to rest and be still
    makes my heart feel cherished
    and valued
    like nothing else I know:)
    thanks for the beautiful stir
    to remember and unfold,
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..I put my hands up…

    • Sandra says

      :) That was an accident. I took that photo from quite a distance. Never saw the little paddle until I downloaded it.

      And now I need some blueberry lemon ricotta pancakes! Yum.

    • Sandra says

      That part about stillness being seen as laziness and rest as sloth really spoke to me. Because that’s how I feel sometimes when I slow down and look at all that *needs* to be done. And sometimes I’ve thought of the quiet moments and the quiet time with God as tools to get more done. That’s oh not so good when the whole focus should be Him and Him alone.

      And I don’t know about the flowers. I took that photo on our recent zoo excursion. They grow next to a building which sits next to the rhino and across from the meerkats. It has the most intoxicating fragrance that just wafts all over. I asked about it on their facebook page, and they were going to check, but I haven’t gotten a response yet. I may just have to call because whatever it is, I want one.

  4. says

    I’ve been back to struggling with rest. But I am realizing I cannot compare what is restful for me with what is restful for others. I must be in tune with my own body, my own soul.
    Jen Ferguson recently are not small

    • Sandra says

      Oh, you speak truth here, friend. That comparison trap is a killer in so many ways. Even when it comes to rest. It’s so important to know ourselves, how He uniquely wired us. Love you, friend.

  5. says

    I thought I left a comment when I linked up, but I don’t see it now that I am back to visit.

    Anyway, I said something along the lines of how your post is confirmation for me that I have not been resting well. I tend to judge my need for rest by looking at everyone else instead of being in tune with my own body and soul.
    Jen recently are not small

    • Sandra says

      For some strange reason, that first comment went to the spam cellar. But I fished you out. I understand–I’ve been being sent to the dungeon a lot when I comment in Disqus. :)

      • says

        The strangest thing is, Sandy, that you’re NOT sent to the spam list at my place. If you were, I could fish you out. No, you show up already on the comment list when I check the moderate place – and there is no option there to ‘fish’ you out, only to delete…or…maybe mark as spam -I’m just thinking – maybe I could get you out that way! Hmmm. have to check that out after church.
        diana recently posted..Quiet for the Weekend – June 29/30, 2012

        • Sandra says

          In other words, I’m invisible? 😉

          So you’re thinking about sending me to the spammer–on purpose–and then taking pity on me?

          What about the Disqus help people? They went specifically to your place and didn’t see an issue. Maybe you could explain the “problem” better than I did. 😀

  6. Valerie Freer says

    Building a community around the ‘being set apart’ that is the rest and stillness of God’s Sabbath day is such a gracious ministry, Sandra. Thank you for creating this place where we can rest together, mindful of and sharing the witness to His blessings…

    I have enjoyed visiting the sites of those who share here and look forward to future Saturdays, in addition to visits during the weeks ahead.