Rumors of Wine


There are rumors of water.

And Time winds

down hidden hallways,

sips tea with feathered memories

and eats bagels with Imagination

who sees beyond what is

to what can be

in gaping holes and

medieval laundry baskets

and berry-colored bottles.

In time, Time whispers words and songs

that rise in some kind of prayer

like white moths

to meet this moment.

There is more to this moment–







And there are rumors of wine.


This week we conclude our discussion of and reflections on Rumors of Water: Thoughts on Creativity & Writing over at Tweetspeak Poetry.


  1. says

    Loved, loved, loved Rumors of Water. It doesn’t get put away. I keep it where I can read it. I pick a page number and start from there. I know that is a crazy thing to do but I always find inspiration. I read it straight through the first time. :) There are rumors of wine here too—we live in a dry county :)
    Dea Moore recently posted..The Mirror Image

    • Sandra says

      Not crazy at all, Dea! My copy is totally bent up and scribbled on–as are all L.L.’s books come to think of it. 😉

    • Sandra says

      There’s this picture floating around Facebook–a water sign above shelves of wine. How perfect is that?

    • Sandra says

      From water to wine. Have you read this book, Lynn?

      I pulled that last line from L.L.’s last paragraphs. Well, really, this whole post was pulled from the last chapter. :)

    • Sandra says

      I love that clothesline, too. But I really like your drying rack as well. 😉