40 Words of Lent: Day 15

A lilac bud!

  Winter’s worn out, and it’s melting into dirty banks and muddy waves, leaving browned tree skirts and revealing what’s been broken. Our world is puddled from the weight of it. I’ve learned: When life gets messy, spring’s on its way. Word Count: 40     Today’s Reading: Luke 20-24 In the stillness, Sandy Linking […]

a lake and an artist date

Lake Abby1

I slow down as I turn the corner and scan Lake Abby. Something dark floats at the far end. Not a goose. Maybe a mallard. But I can’t be sure. It looks black. I smash forefoot to floor, fly down asphalt, jerk wheel to left, spin gravel in drive, and ram gear into park. When […]

the finger of God


I see God’s creative finger in all seasons. But never more, I think, than in the spring when life unfurls. These are the days when all that glitters is green. Yet life is sometimes blood-tinged like the color of death in this new leaf. That also carries the color of hope. Because life is in […]

scripture sunday: bloom


   Open up, heavens, and rain, Clouds, pour out buckets of goodness! Loosen up, earth, and bloom salvation; sprout right living. I, God, generate all this. ~Isaiah 45:8 (MSG) Still blooming Sandy Note: You know how I was posting verses from The Romans Project as I memorized them? You guessed it I’ve gotten behind.