Still Saturday: As You Sit Still


  It takes courage, of course, to step out of the fray, as it takes courage to do anything that’s necessary, whether tending to a loved one on her deathbed or turning away from that sugarcoated doughnut. And with billions of our global neighbors in crying need, with so much in every life that has […]

Still Saturday: Surrender


    Sabbath requires surrender . . . If we refuse rest until we are finished, we will never rest until we die. Sabbath dissolves the artificial urgency of our days, because it liberates us  from the need to be finished. ~Wayne Muller in Sabbath: Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest     In the […]

Still Saturday: More By Less

more with less

“Even beasts of burden must be turned out to grass occasionally; the very sea pauses at ebb and flood; earth keeps the Sabbath of the wintry months; and man, even when exalted to God’s ambassador, must rest or faint, must trim his lamp or let it burn low; must recruit his vigor or grow prematurely […]

Still Saturday: Rest


“I wonder sometimes if we’re afraid of rest. We’re conditioned by 24/7 news and Facebook updates to be afraid we’ll miss out on something we “ought” to know. We’re afraid we’ll lag further behind in the race to some steadily receding finish line like Archimede’s tortoise. We’re afraid we’ll let someone down, as others’ expectations […]

Motivated by Mad – My One Word

home - 2

  I don’t remember how the Christmas dinner conversation turned to the topic of my housekeeping skills–or lately lack of. My daughter spooned a little more au jus on her prime rib, the first I ever prepared–and it was perfect, by the way. “You know,” she said, “this house used to look amazing, and all […]

Still Saturday: Finest of Wealth

finest wealth

  We are stretched thin–to the point of translucence. Hold me up to the light, and I will disappear. All you will see are the things I do. I need more Sabbath keeping than moments snatched here and there. Those short patches of peace have begun to feel like stealing time. So, I let the […]

Still Saturday: Interruptions


  The most purposeful people I know rarely overmanage time, and when they do it’s usually because they’re lapsing into drivenness, into a loss of purpose for which they overcompensate with mere busyness. No, the distinguishing mark of the purposeful is not time management. It’s that they notice. They’re fully awake. Jesus, for example. He […]