40 Words of Lent 2014: Day 30 (Plus An Invitation and a Giveaway!)

manifestation of the Spirit

“We need solitude in a world that wants to visit, quiet from a world that wants idle chit-chat, and steadfastness in a world where everything’s changing and transient. We need time to gather the little pieces of ourselves that scatter.” Word Count: 40 ~Dave Harrity in Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at […]

In the Tiptoe Moments

I see the point of a soft pink triangle that cuts between two pine trees to the southeast, and a sparrow lands on a bare branch just outside my window. I peel back the Target-bought shabby chic quilt, the white one striped with pink roses, and slide from between crisp white sheets, careful to not […]

When the Storm Comes

The moon drops into the west like a giant grapefruit this morning, while the storm’s eye focuses on the eastern coastline. My dad calls to remind me that this hurricane carries my name, and I’m already unsettled enough about that. I cringe every time I hear “my” name . . . I’m writing over at […]