still saturday: slow down enough to notice

slow down

“I think Brother Lawrence was a man other men usually miss, typically dismiss. Which is too bad. His quietness was thoughtfulness. And in his quietness, Brother Lawrence discovered one of life’s deep secrets, and he was happy to tell others about it for the asking: God is everywhere. God hovers in the air just behind you. […]

still saturday: unseen things

things unseen

“Only those who fill their hearts and minds with heaven can want or even recognize its earthly counterpart. Only they can seek after it in a way that indulges neither utopian dreams nor despotic solutions. To be of real earthly good requires a certain fearlessness: a freedom from the fear of death, from the loss […]

Still Saturday: Taking Time

“We simply haven’t taken time. We’ve not been still long enough, often enough, to know ourselves, our friends, our family. Our God. Indeed, the worst hallucination busyness conjures is the conviction that I am God.  All depends on me.  How will the right things happen at the right time if I’m not pushing and pulling and […]