When Loss is Real–or Not

blessed is the man

I’m better this morning. Last night I hid in the bathroom for a few moments where I flushed the toilet (so the husband and the grandgirl wouldn’t ask what was going on with me.) I blew my nose, popped my contacts, rubbed my eyes hard, and ran cold water over my face. I didn’t want […]

Of Bunions and Bubble Wrap


Electric blue gleams when I pull down the green box door. It’s addressed to me. What on earth? I recognize the return label. I know her own heart has been aching lately, and she thinks of me? Again? I think about doing things like this. But my hands don’t always follow my head or my […]

Textures of Text: A Different Story

  Have you met my friend, Lyla? “I do my thinking in the bleachers and my writing in the living room with balls flying, bats or clubs swinging and ESPN on in the background. When Spongebob comes on, I get nothing done.” She writes, she says, because there are words. And because she doesn’t know […]