Laughing At The Fire


  The big house across the road was on fire. Our house. Well, not really “our” house. But a piece of our history. My husband’s great-great grandfather built it in 1870. My inlaws sold the property back in the late 1970s, and I think I was more sad to see it go than they were. […]

My House Is On Fire

Birch - Swindoll quote

  I’d just set down bowls of chicken and rice kibble mixed with canned lamb dinner when my phone rang. I’m used to not being able to understand the grandgirl because of giggling and commotion in the background. But tonight (Monday–the day after Mother’s Day) was different. Through her panic, I finally understood her screams. “My house […]

Word of the Week: Books – Part 2

books Kay

  Yesterday I told you about three out of ten books that have impacted me. Here I tell you about two more. 4. As Silver Refined by Kay Arthur. I’d heard Kay speak about the principles in this book, but I’m really glad she laid them out in black and white. “Our enemy has at least […]

When Loss is Real–or Not

blessed is the man

I’m better this morning. Last night I hid in the bathroom for a few moments where I flushed the toilet (so the husband and the grandgirl wouldn’t ask what was going on with me.) I blew my nose, popped my contacts, rubbed my eyes hard, and ran cold water over my face. I didn’t want […]