My House Is On Fire

Birch - Swindoll quote

  I’d just set down bowls of chicken and rice kibble mixed with canned lamb dinner when my phone rang. I’m used to not being able to understand the grandgirl because of giggling and commotion in the background. But tonight (Monday–the day after Mother’s Day) was different. Through her panic, I finally understood her screams. “My house […]

40 Words of Lent: Day 15

A lilac bud!

  Winter’s worn out, and it’s melting into dirty banks and muddy waves, leaving browned tree skirts and revealing what’s been broken. Our world is puddled from the weight of it. I’ve learned: When life gets messy, spring’s on its way. Word Count: 40     Today’s Reading: Luke 20-24 In the stillness, Sandy Linking […]

i just want summer to last


I’m sitting in a black wrought iron chair on the patio, munching a cream-cheesed cinnamon-raisin bagel. I hadn’t meant to eat a bagel. I’d meant to opt for something more healthy–like scrambled egg whites tossed with spinach and tomatoes and onions. But I’m housebreaking a new puppy, and it’s a grab-and-go day.  (We swore there’d […]

when you have no idea where you are going

Boardwalk in the Porcupines

  It’s been one of those weeks. You’ve had them, right? Times of hard decision-making and what-ifs that lead to more waiting and second-guessing and flip-flopped fear and trust, and you just want a final decision to be made and hope you can live with it. Except each step on the journey brings more decisions […]

as the wheels turn


  I’m on my bike. I don’t want to be. Well, I do kind of. But not really. I’m not in shape, and my husband has no concept of time or distance. Well, he does, and I know he’ll turn back if I ask, but I also know he wants to share this time with […]

big and small things


  We’re packed up and on our way when he tells me about it. And it’s big. Life-changing big. Take-your-breath-away big. But this time I stay small and silent. And I listen. Do you know we use the same letters to build the words “silent” and “listen?” And it is this, this big thing, that […]

life, home, and hospitality

embrace life

Please, God, let my parents come and beat her up. We’d had a sword battle with pencils, Patsi and I. And Mrs. Smith rapped my 7-year-old knuckles. But not Patsi’s. So I turned around and scribbled on Patsi’s picture. And now I stood in the corner, lump in throat, cheeks aflame. It didn’t occur to […]

the finger of God


I see God’s creative finger in all seasons. But never more, I think, than in the spring when life unfurls. These are the days when all that glitters is green. Yet life is sometimes blood-tinged like the color of death in this new leaf. That also carries the color of hope. Because life is in […]