In Which Cancer Brings Clarity for David

David 2014

UPDATE: David Landrith, pastor of Long Hollow Baptist Church, joined Jesus in heaven this morning, November 18, 2014. He now rests in the shadow of the Amighty. Please continue to pray for his family and his church. I’m so sad today, yet grateful for the privilege of having just a small connection with his people, for having […]

Word of the Week: Hope


  hope – verb \ˈhōp\ : to desire with expectation of obtainment : to expect with confidence hope – noun\ˈhōp\ : desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment : expectation of fulfillment or success : someone or something on which hopes are centered ____________   There was thunder and lightning, and Grace called from her […]

it is the truth


  Grace ran straight into the darkness the other night. She defied her fear of a possum “attack” or the roving coyote or a child snatcher. She could not face the truth of some disobedience, so she ran from it. Ran straight down the road to my house. “Nama,” she texts. “Wake up! I’m sneaking […]

the finger of God


I see God’s creative finger in all seasons. But never more, I think, than in the spring when life unfurls. These are the days when all that glitters is green. Yet life is sometimes blood-tinged like the color of death in this new leaf. That also carries the color of hope. Because life is in […]

five minute friday: shattered


  She threw the plate down on the carpet. Or maybe she dropped it. Either way, it shattered everywhere, even into the next two rooms. We stood in a sea of shards. With bare feet. She tried to run away, but I scooped her up in my arms. And then I woke up. This is […]

in which cancer brings clarity #PrayForDavid

pray for david

  Last Thursday I wrote about crushing and brokenness and how it’s the crushed who seep the sweetest fragrance and how the broken and the bent bend the brightest light. I wrote about hope in the face of disappointment and life-shattering circumstances. The next day, I learned that David Landrith, pastor of Long Hollow Baptist […]

when you’re crushed and broken


It’s just the two of us for dinner. I scrounge up some chicken, left over from the chicken-with-cherry-sauce recipe from A Taste of Laity Lodge. Only for her, I serve it plain with bottled Hawaiian sauce and no cherries and a broken breadstick with pizza sauce. She skips the asparagus. Then she trades the chicken […]

her father’s joy


“You’re just waiting to get pregnant,” my doctor assured me. But days of thermometers and planned lovemaking and monthly disappointment tore at thinned emotions, feelings also frayed from too much doing, too much identity seeking in serving. Adoption doors hid behind lines that flowed into forever. “The company wants us to move,” my husband told […]