When Loss is Real–or Not

blessed is the man

I’m better this morning. Last night I hid in the bathroom for a few moments where I flushed the toilet (so the husband and the grandgirl wouldn’t ask what was going on with me.) I blew my nose, popped my contacts, rubbed my eyes hard, and ran cold water over my face. I didn’t want […]

31 Days on Coming to Grips with My Age ~ Day 11: For When You’re Expecting to Explode

Sixty-two. That’s the life expectancy of a child born in Haiti today. In 2000 a newborn could expect to live almost fifty years. But today’s two-year-olds, those born in 2010, they could die before they’re thirty. Thirty. That’s two years shy of my daughter’s age. My wee grandgirl is two. But because she lives in […]