when you think you’re just josiah


  We’re at Steak ‘n Shake. “Takhomasak,” gleams the neon sign over the counter. It was years before I “got” it. I’d frown. “Tahk’-oh-mah’-sak.” I’d say it slow. I’d say it fast. It sounded Japanese. “Car, table, counter, or takhomasak?” Ooooh. “Take home a sack.” Duh! I’d stressed the wrong spots. Dennis and I spoon chocolate […]

Roots, Relationships, and a Seagull

The parsley and the basil roots pant for water as they bake in their biodegradable pots. I meant to sink them deep long before this. And the geranium 6-pack baskets, bought over a month ago when spring exploded early? Once luscious red, now with browned heads.   I need perennials. Plants that thrive and spread […]