Inhaling the Unfamiliar


    Our little group glues itself together when we leave the airport terminal. We jostle through a sea of unfamiliar voices and dark-skinned faces. “Miss. Miss.” I stare at the necklace that dangles in front of me, shake my head and smile. “No. No, thank you. No money.” A haze hangs over the hill, and I […]

small and scared

wesley vet3

Wesley’s been walking wounded. We’ve pawed over his left front paw and leg and just can’t figure out why he’s limping for the last week and a half. So today I drag him through the door of the examining room, and while we wait he lifts his feet to my lap and shakes so hard […]

five minute friday: and so I write…

seth godin surprise

You’ll have to read the first part of Seth Godin’s post to get how Goldie Hawn fits into this quote. Unpredictable isn’t precisely the same as random. We can certainly make dumb choices, we can suffer from being unprepared, we can be the victim of bad judgment too. The essential thing to remember, though, is that every […]

always room for grace


  I like that Grace lives close enough to visit on a whim. Sometimes those visits turn into days. We don’t have a guest room. We have a Grace room. Because there’s always room for Grace. But sometimes it’d be nice if overnights weren’t so easy to be had. If she didn’t think she could […]

poetry at work: my workspace

poetry at work

No closet pocketed the clothes back then, so his bed tucked in that space under the ceiling slant where he peeled wall paper during nap time. I imagine cowboy boots kicked careless in the corner, hat hung on peg while Roy Rogers ticked time. Some years later, his mom exchanged the twin for double and […]

five minute friday: up in smoke


Some days it’s a fight to find a pen with ink that flows words fluid in just five minutes. I prefer the gel — black, though back in the day it was a fountain pen with cartridge — blue, that scratched battles across three-holed, loose leafs lined and ringed right tight in burgundy leather — fake, […]

it is the truth


  Grace ran straight into the darkness the other night. She defied her fear of a possum “attack” or the roving coyote or a child snatcher. She could not face the truth of some disobedience, so she ran from it. Ran straight down the road to my house. “Nama,” she texts. “Wake up! I’m sneaking […]