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Without First the Breaking

  E’s mother shut her and her sister out of the house because she could no longer care for them. C was reclaimed from a trash heap in the worst part of Port Au Prince. She was about five years old, scarred and burned, abused and cast away. I met her two years ago on my first trip to the orphanage in Jeremie, Haiti, and now she has a new last name. She’ll arrive at her forever home in just a few weeks (hopefully) where she’ll have a beautiful life. Sophonie’s parents died in the … [Read More...]

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Still Saturday: Selah

  Is there any note in all the music of the world as mighty as the grand pause? Is there any word in the Psalms more eloquent that the word "Selah," meaning pause? . . .  And is there anything … [Read More...]


Still Saturday: Troubled

  Waiting upon God is vital in order to see Him and receive a vision from Him. And the amount of time spent before Him is also critical, for our hearts are like a photographer's film--the longer … [Read More...]



Still Saturday: Strength

There is a special strength that is born in solitude. Crows travel in flocks, and wolves in packs, but the lion and eagle are usually found alone.Strength is found not in busyness and noise but in … [Read More...]