Look. Light. by Laura Lynn Brown

Look Light

    I first met Laura face-to-face on a writer’s retreat at Laity Lodge where we discovered we’re both deep see divers–as in seeing deep. She makes music with her words and on her tin whistle. Some day maybe I’ll buy another harp–a small, portable one–and team up with her for a duet. Or not. […]

Richard Foster on Silence and Writing

draw a vein

I’ve been a Richard Foster fan for years. I’ve got the first editions of Celebration of Discipline (named by Christianity Today as one of the top 10 most influential books of the 20th century) and Freedom of Simplicity. Way back when, I led a Sunday School group through FOS—which probably amounted to simply reading aloud every […]

40 Words of Lent 2014: Day 30 (Plus An Invitation and a Giveaway!)

manifestation of the Spirit

“We need solitude in a world that wants to visit, quiet from a world that wants idle chit-chat, and steadfastness in a world where everything’s changing and transient. We need time to gather the little pieces of ourselves that scatter.” Word Count: 40 ~Dave Harrity in Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at […]

Who Knew?


I joined Facebook four years ago. I began to blog three years ago. I linked up with The High Calling network two-and-a-half years ago. And somewhere along the line came Twitter–now over 16,000 tweets. (Am I too noisy?) Who knew anyone would actually read my words? Who knew I’d Jesus-walk in cyberspace? Who knew the […]

Looking Full in the Face


She hands me the green and takes the blue. And we stretch and swipe and watch the birdie flop in the grass. And when it falls apart, we superglue it. We maneuver ourselves into places that block the sun so we can see more clearly. Because sometimes sight is better in shade. We avoid scratchy […]