Counting Down to Easter 2014: 1 Word (Still Saturday)

It is Done

be Word Count: 1 Day 6 – Day 1 Be In silence we’re not in control. Something larger holds us captive, and enough is enough in the interim between time. Be. Today’s Reading: Revelation 17 – Revelation 22 Don’t forget: On May 1 we start our study of Making Manifest by Dave Harrity. Learn more […]

40 Words of Lent 2014: Day 30 (Plus An Invitation and a Giveaway!)

manifestation of the Spirit

“We need solitude in a world that wants to visit, quiet from a world that wants idle chit-chat, and steadfastness in a world where everything’s changing and transient. We need time to gather the little pieces of ourselves that scatter.” Word Count: 40 ~Dave Harrity in Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at […]

poetry dare: tangled up in t.s. eliot


His lines crawl across my cortex when I sit and when I walk and when I lie down and when I rise up. While I wash dishes, he whispers words like maisonette and miasmal mist and fugitive resentment and glazen shelves and green silence.  I can’t shake the images of brown waves of fog and daffodil bulbs staring up from eye sockets and a […]