Dream Poem #4: Dreaming With Darwish


  Well, things have been a bit quiet around here (the blog) for several weeks, and I don’t know where the summer has gone. My daughter is still displaced and dealing with insurance after her house fire. We’ve been working slowly on some house projects, and there have been a few trips out of town, […]

Becoming Mindful in Place: Proof

bluebird papa - THOREAU

    Proof   If I’d not glanced out the window at just that moment, I would have missed the flash of blue against blue. I wouldn’t have seen it dart onto a crabapple branch and then light on the backboard behind the net, unmistakable in its orange vest. I scooped up my camera and […]

Dream Poem #2: Tom and I


  Tom and I We sat on the edge of an operating room table, Tom and I, dangling our legs and eating peaches while juice dribbled down our chins and puddled on the oyster shell floor. A nurse was measuring the walls with a coffee spoon, and a hippopotamus brought a plate of cinnamon toast and a pot of tea. […]

Still Saturday: Murmurs


  i find myself thirsty for plain sounds that whisper, glory. sure words resonate where i can hear, once again, God moving through broken lines that murmur with tenderness. but at the heart of poetry, silences. ~Laure Krueger as quoted by L.L. Barkat in God in the Yard     In the stillness, Sandy   […]

God, Are You In . . . ?


  At the end of chapter 12 (“Hospitality”) in God in the Yard, L.L. Barkat suggests a writing exercise. Begin with a simple jotting of the objects and people around you . . .  Choose just one of the images and make a second list, focused particularly on the item’s attributes . . . Next, try […]

Old Jeans, New Jeans (A Poetry Prompt)

sole hope3

  Old Jeans, New Jeans We traveled from up north and downstate, met in the middle of the mitten for family time at an indoor waterpark. Then, after showers and pizza (cheese, veggie, and meat supreme), we cut shoe patterns out of old jeans in our hotel room to give some soles some hope. The grandgirl grimaced […]