If I’m Still Enough


  Sometimes, when the light is right and if I’m still enough, I see the glitter of tinsel dust floating over melted memories of magic and mystery in the waiting, the anticipation of gifts delivered in the night. I long for simpler times when I delighted in an unseen omnipotent giver and all I had to do was be good. But sometimes, if I’m […]

Jack-knife of Many Trades


Jack-Knife of Many Trades He rapped it on the heel of his hand, then ran the blade around the edge to scrape the cake, opened the pouch and inhaled the sweetness of Red Virginia ribbons, “notes of tea and toast.” He filled the bowl by pinches, tamped it, clamped it between his teeth, lit, drew, exhaled memories that swirled in […]

Poetry Prompt: Waves


  I Saw Her Standing There   Hey Dude I saw her standing there in the shallows shunning your advances as you teased her toes. She twisted and turned and swayed her hips as the wind whipped hair around her face. My heart went boom when I crossed that room and I longed to sweep her into my […]

T.S. Eliot: Poet to Work Day 2014

photo 4

      Last year I cajoled Emily Dickinson out of the house for Take Your Poet to Work Day. I forgot failed to tell her I wasn’t really going to work that day but that we were going on vacation, and she was going to meet a lot of new people and have a boatload […]

Where is Your Safe Place?

safe place

Safe Places I remember a scorched blanket or crocheted spread wrapped around a baby doll. I remember sitting in the center after finding matches on the bedside table and Grandma Dummer’s yelp and a splash of water. I remember forts of fern with stems stomped down to form a center where I could hide when life got hot. On […]

Bread of Life

"Bread by Tim--Laity Lodge"

    Books :: Yes, I did. I ordered another one today. I’m filling my basket like a starving shopper in the grocery aisle where everything tantalizes. I hope I can eat it all before it grows stale or moldy. Taste and see. Bread of life. :: Multiplied :: “I cannot live without books.” ~ Thomas Jefferson Of […]

Monday Morning Waltz


  Today I feel… lost.. down… sluggish… Not depressed, really. Kind of empty. Or maybe full. Normal feelings after a period of intense activity, I suppose. I still have plenty to do. My house is screaming for attention. I have a couple of writing deadlines. But it all overwhelms me right now. I’m moving slower, thinking slower. […]

Still Saturday: Atmosphere

whitespace beautiful

  “Atmosphere is created when we bring our memories, thoughts, and emotions to a place. It is our physical presence that makes a space become real . . . “Dare to awaken your soul to be physically present. “Taste the atmosphere with God and bring all the stories you’re living–the joy, heartbreak, worries, hopes, and […]


whitespace rules

  killers :: the soul awakened amazing architecture rewriting the rules :: triggers Inspired by chapter 26, “‘Whitespace Killers and Triggers.” Leaving some whitespace here this month as I rest with Bonnie. I’m reading and writing on a chapter a day. In the stillness, Sandy This post is part of the “Finding Spiritual Whitespace Blog […]


whitespace commitment

  serve :: palate of the soul taste short drips and double shots weather of life :: enjoy Inspired by chapter 25, “‘Serving it Up.” Leaving some whitespace here this month as I rest with Bonnie. I’m reading and writing on a chapter a day. In the stillness, Sandy This post is part of the […]