Haiti: When It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Haiti goodbye - don't cry

We’ll say goodbye today. I make construction paper cards before we go. Erica’s brought a printer and given me a couple mini photos–one of Sophonie and me, and one of Chilanchi and me. I stick them to the paper. “Jezi renmen ou,” I write. “Mwen renmen ou.” Jesus loves you. I love you. It’s our […]

We Love So They Love

bare foot toy

  After Chilanchi and her “sisters” finished their rice and beans, I helped her lug a heavy pail of water down the hill, my right hand and her left grasping the handle. She sidestepped so she could throw her right arm in front of me in case I lost my footing. Later that night she fell […]

Inhaling the Unfamiliar


    Our little group glues itself together when we leave the airport terminal. We jostle through a sea of unfamiliar voices and dark-skinned faces. “Miss. Miss.” I stare at the necklace that dangles in front of me, shake my head and smile. “No. No, thank you. No money.” A haze hangs over the hill, and I […]

How to fix the brokenness


We’re sitting on the guesthouse steps under a half moon and a thousand stars that glint like glass shattered across ebony. Light and singing and laughter pour from the open door. A few team members wander up and down the drive in an attempt to snag a sliver of WiFi. Another’s having some quiet time […]

carry Christmas

Christmas in Haiti 2012

  My husband and I will celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary on Wednesday. On Friday, I’ll remove my diamond rings. Not to worry, though. It’s only temporary. I’ve had my flu shot, popped my first malaria pills, and packed last year’s Cipro just in case. I’m making a list and checking it twice, three times, […]

haiti, a party, and a beautiful life

beautiful life

I saw her the other night. She looked older, but I recognized her immediately. “Chilanchi!” It’d been a whole year, but she knew me, too. “SIN-dee!” It was a dream, of course. But it’ll become a reality, I hope, in another four months. Because I’m going back to Haiti, and I want to take you […]