Compassion: What Makes My Blood Boil?

Spin compassion

    I stretch out under a crisp white sheet on a soft mattress, head sinking into the pillow. A student will do the procedure today. She applies the electrodes. One… two… three. “Yay, they’re warm,” I say. She cocks her head. “They are? Oh, they were sitting next to the machine.” “You should store […]

Straining Memories


    I’ve heard the story many times. I’m dawdling as I dress for school in front of the furnace. My mom’s trying to speed things up. If I miss the bus, she threatens, I’ll spend the day in bed–at least until the bus would normally return late that afternoon. I don’t care. I miss the bus. […]

Inhaling the Unfamiliar


    Our little group glues itself together when we leave the airport terminal. We jostle through a sea of unfamiliar voices and dark-skinned faces. “Miss. Miss.” I stare at the necklace that dangles in front of me, shake my head and smile. “No. No, thank you. No money.” A haze hangs over the hill, and I […]

Where is Your Safe Place?

safe place

Safe Places I remember a scorched blanket or crocheted spread wrapped around a baby doll. I remember sitting in the center after finding matches on the bedside table and Grandma Dummer’s yelp and a splash of water. I remember forts of fern with stems stomped down to form a center where I could hide when life got hot. On […]

Making Manifest: Your Days Are Waiting


Your days are waiting to be left behind. So now, before sleep or waking make you forget, etch in yourself this moon, this leaf, this star. ~ from “Your Days Are Waiting” by Dave Harrity     Tomorrow is the day. The day we begin our 28-day devotional journey through Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, […]

40 Words of Lent 2014: Day 30 (Plus An Invitation and a Giveaway!)

manifestation of the Spirit

“We need solitude in a world that wants to visit, quiet from a world that wants idle chit-chat, and steadfastness in a world where everything’s changing and transient. We need time to gather the little pieces of ourselves that scatter.” Word Count: 40 ~Dave Harrity in Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at […]

learning to color inside the lines

Winning quilt block - arrowed

  I’m pretty sure my heels left ruts in the red clay when my husband’s transfer pulled us from the Georgia pines to the Florida palms. I was quite happy nestled in my Southern belle box with my magnolia blossoms and sweet tea. With the help of a Country Living featured decorator, I’d finally feathered a comfortable […]

to taste a toadstool


Our young niece trailed behind my husband. “What’s this?” she asked. Dennis glanced back. “It’s a toadstool. It’s inedible.” He continued down the path, assuming Kristin followed. “It doesn’t taste good.” Dennis whipped around. “Didn’t I just tell you not to eat that?” he scolded. Follow me over to The High Calling where we conclude […]

you are God’s poemia


I stand in the checkout line, cart loaded with perimeter foods–berries and avocados and lettuce and cherries and grapes. I can’t wait to get home to have a plate of hummus with pita bread and a side of Kalamata olives and a handful of carrots. Oh, and a few (or more) Oreo cookies. If I […]