Still Saturday: Be Still

be still

    I’m taking a course on creating social media graphics from Crystal Stine this month. We’ve been learning how to work with PicMonkey (which I already use) and Canva (which I’d never heard of), and by the end of the month, I may even have a decent printable to offer you. The course is called Creative […]

Seeing God

JTREAT - not shaken

  Just look at that! “Look at what?” The sky. My husband looked up and asked again. “What about it?” Can’t you see? The stars. Look at the stars. “Oh, yeah. I’m cold.” And he went into the house, leaving me out there alone. Or not. Granted, D’d been checking things off his to-do/note list, […]

And Then I Jump

jump off cliffs

  I brush the hair from my mouth and eyes, pull hands up into sweatshirt sleeves, and lean into the wind as we trudge up the path. We gather under the pavilion to struggle into harnesses, clip heavy ropes to anchor loops, tighten helmets. I feel much less brave than I did when I signed […]

Still Saturday: The Value of Today

Real life

  Cancer–in both its presence and absence–had taught me the immeasurable value of today. Faith isn’t rooted in the past or the future. It’s birthed in how we approach and handle today. It’s the anchor that holds us firmly in this moment, allowing us the freedom to experience it and enjoy it regardless of the regrets […]