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About me in brief: I’m Sandra, a camera-toting, recovering doer who’s learning to just. be. still. I’m mom to two, “nama” to two, wife to one, and I write from a 150-plus-year-old farmhouse in Michigan.

About me a little different:  “Once a nurse, always a nurse,” some say. But these days I, Sandra, care for (and care with) words, and sometimes I share them with others. I live in Michigan and write from a 150-plus-year-old family farmhouse set on 60-something acres surrounded by corn or soybeans or sometimes wheat. I’m a recovering doer who’s learning to be and be still. But I’ve been known to knock over a chair and run outside barefoot to snag a photo of some wild critter or bird or maybe just the way the light slants on a snowdrift. I spend way too much money on books, and I find my inner happy when I wander a woodsy trail, sit at a water’s edge, sip a new flavor of tea, or eat M&M’s the proper way—one sweet circle at a time.

Me on the Frio - 2012

About me a little longer: My long name is Sandra Heska King. But I also go by Sandy or Snady (the result of a typo that stuck) or even SHK. I’m a camera-toting, recovering doer who’s learning to just. be. still.

Dennis and I married in 1971, only six months after we met in an OB-GYN office. You can read that story here. We lived in New Jersey, Illinois, Georgia (three times) and Florida before returning to our home state.

Us - 2009 - fixed

I’m mom to two (adoption stories here and here) and “nama” to two. I’m owned by two dogs, Susanna and Wesley, as well as three cats, King Kobe, Geisha Girl, and Bella the Bad. I scatter words from the 150-plus-year-old Michigan farmhouse set on 60-plus acres that my husband grew up in. In the summer we might be surrounded by corn, soybeans, or wheat. I still see the phantoms of my father-in-law’s peafowl. And we’ve raised chickens, rabbits, and goats in the past. We also once owned horses (before kids.)

I’ve done intensive care, office, operating room, and public health nursing, as well as community education.

I’ve been a medical transcriptionist, editor, mentor, and educator.

I was a church secretary and even sold life insurance, water filters, and cosmetics—each for a very short time.

My neighbor once shook his head. “Sandy,” he sighed, “you have a terrible work history.”

I prefer my sister’s take, “You’re a woman of many interests.” So I’m claiming the title of “Renaissance Woman.”

Deep down, though, always I’ve had a passion for words.

I love chocolate, pizza, tea, amateur photography, the Food Network, Laity Lodge, and the Detroit Tigers. I also love water, woods, and books. In years past, I’ve enjoyed creating with needlework (embroidery, crochet, cross-stitch, and quilting), bread- and soap-making, and trying to play an instrument (piano, dulcimer, and harp.)

But mostly I write.

I love that you’ve come to visit and that you are now part of my story. Please pop into the post comments occasionally–or often–and help me get to know you better.

About my writing journey: I have a longstanding relationship with the burn barrel. Read my story here: when I was no writer and my words were poo.

About the mug: I got mugged by Tweetspeak Poetry and WordCandy. They paired my image with L.L. Barkat’s words, “Embrace the life you have before it’s gone.” I need that reminder.

About this blog:  I want you to know this: No matter what storms spin your life crazy, you can still center your soul in stillness. A lot depends on what lens you choose to focus through and what control you’re willing to release. I still lose it sometimes. And so do you. We need each other to help find our balance.

I started my first blog at the age of 60 in 2009 because I wanted to renew my passion for words, establish some writing discipline, and set down a legacy. I called it “Beholding God.” Then I added a writing blog called “The Write Pursuit.” Over time, I felt fragmented and realized the only right pursuit was to simplify my life in order to behold God, and if writing happened as a result, all the better. I called myself a deep see diver and claimed Mary Oliver’s words, “Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

As I’ve changed, so has my blog.

I share stories in this space. I try to tell them true and tell them slant.  Sometimes I play with poetry and word prompts. Sometimes I focus on those who hurt and how we can help. Sometimes I share about the Bible and books and stuff I’m learning. Most of my words will fall under one of these categories: Stories, Stillness, Studies, Service, or Scribbles.

I usually post 3-5 times a week.

I hope something here will encourage you to see deeper, to reach higher, to stretch wider, and to love longer, to find humor and hope, to embrace this moment. But most of all I hope these words inspire you to be. still.