carry Christmas

Christmas in Haiti 2012


My husband and I will celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary on Wednesday.

On Friday, I’ll remove my diamond rings.

Not to worry, though. It’s only temporary.

I’ve had my flu shot, popped my first malaria pills, and packed last year’s Cipro just in case.

I’m making a list and checking it twice, three times, four.

Because on Friday morning, I’ll board a plane for Nashville to meet up with a team from Long Hollow Baptist Church.

And on Saturday, I’m going back to Jeremie, Haiti.

I’ll be away from home for ten days.

Here’s the thing.

A big part of me does not want to go . . .

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    You are a gift. I’m sure you will touch hearts. And you touched and hugged so many last time. God uses you… you obey Him and touch Him with your kind touching to the ones who will need you. Rest when you come home, and you’ll be poured with blessings and appreciation from many.

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