in which I rediscover the nun’s story in the soul of me

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My mom thought I should become a flight attendant—mostly so she could get discounted travel. But I wasn’t quite tall enough, and my vision was less than perfect.

I’d read The Nun’s Story by Kathryn Hulme. So I wanted to be a nun. Or a missionary nurse in Africa. Or both.

I never considered how I could earn a living with my love of nature and books and paper and pens. Anyway, women’s career choices were limited in the 1960s. A nurse would always have a job.

Karen Swallow Prior wanted to be a social worker. Until she went to college.

I’m excited today to lead the discussion on Booked: Literature in the Soul of Me over at The High Calling. Won’t you grab a cup of coffee or tea and head over there to read the rest–and maybe wave to me in the comments?

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when you're bare but not barren
scripture sunday: the romans project: romans 1:1-6

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