God Moments with G-Ma and Grace: Sugarloaf Mountain (repost)

We stay on the island as long as possible and then cross the Mighty Mac to the upper peninsula. Grace has waited for this all day.

We travel west along Lake Superior and soak in the wonder of sky and water.

Later He wraps us in pink and lavender and gold.

The next day we decide to hike up Sugarloaf Mountain in Marquette. (Yes, we have “mountains” in Michigan.)

We have a choice–the easy trail or the difficult trail.

We choose difficult.

Gracee whines.

She’s tired.

She’s afraid a bear will eat her.

She’s afraid a rattlesnake will bite her.

She just wants to go back to the hotel and watch television.

But she grasps Papa’s hand, and we start the climb over roots and rocks.

The only wildlife we see is high in a tree. A squirrel scolds her for shrieking and stomping on a daddy long legs. She is sure the chatter comes from a rattlesnake.

But the closer we get to the top, the further her fears tumble.

She’s caught up in wonder and lets go of Papa.

She climbs over rocks while I worry about her tumbling into eternity.

I turn to find her sitting alone.

“It makes you feel really small, doesn’t it,” I say.

She sighs. “It makes me think about how much I miss when I sit inside and watch television.”

When it’s time to go, she offers to help me down.

This is a repost that I’m submitting for The High Calling’s Community Writing Project on Summer Vacations. We took the grand girl to the upper peninsula of Michigan for a week last August. It was the first time I was intentional about looking for God moments and blogging about a trip.

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    • Sandra says

      It was an amazing transformation. What a little “mountain” air won’t do. :)

  1. Kerry says

    I live in Michigan~ I love the upper peninsula,so much untouched beauty! Love that your enjoying it all!!Views up top of Sugarloaf,are amazing. Thanks for sharing!!
    Kerry recently posted..Sunday Thoughts.

  2. Sharon O says

    Reminds me of my own ‘whining and complaining’ only to realize God has a much better view and plan if I would only trust him more.

  3. says

    Sandra — great posts. It reminds me of our visit with our daughter and her family in Atlanta last July. They took us up on the top of Stone Mountain — a very tall granite “bubble” just outside Atlanta. The two sides and the entire top of the mountain are bare like the rock Gracie is sitting on. Not being properly shod for the slippery stone it was I, Nonni, that needed hand-holding. The kids, 9-13, were fine.
    Tori McRae

    • Sandra says

      I know that place. We used to live in Atlanta. It’s so worth it once you get to the top, right? I’m glad you had such fine assistants. :) Did you take the Summit Skyride?

      • says

        We took the tram to the top of Stone Mountain but I think maybe that’s different from the Sky Ride? We saw so much and I don’t remember the names of everything without digging out the S.M.map. You could see so far from the top.My grandkids are in the video for the newest attraction at the park. Can’t remember the name of that either but they just filmed the video last month.
        Tori McRae recently posted..A Quote for Today

  4. Sandra says

    Yep. Me, too. I spend too much time worrying about what lies ahead rather than just grabbing His head and stepping out and up. What I miss by not doing that!

  5. says

    H went to undergrad in the UP – at NMU. I have some very fond memories of that part of the country. And that Grace is wise: the things we miss when we don’t get out there!
    Deidra recently posted..When The Thrill Is Gone

  6. says

    Well, it is a small world! Sandra, I am a Yooper…but I once was troll. 2 of my 3 kids are true Yoopers. And, Deidra, we are at NMU multiple times a year (for softball, hockey and about every other sport under the sun which my kids play)! Sheila, please do visit the U.P. The water’s always warm (well, at least in July and August, generally speaking)!

    Wendy Young @Kidlutions recently posted..Helping Kids Cope with Disaster

  7. says

    What a beautiful lesson that you didn’t even have to teach Grace. The mountains and the lakes did it! Yes, there’s a lot more to life that we miss when we don’t take risks. Thanks for linking up with our Community Writing project! (And I’m glad I rescued you from the world of spam!)
    Charity Singleton recently posted..Keeping Things Loose