And I’m Off

I was so looking forward to the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College starting tomorrow.

And hanging with friends from The High Calling.

But Monday night I started to cough.

On Tuesday my chest felt heavy, and I lost my voice.

I felt utterly exhausted.

Got my feathers ruffled.

Facebook friends started to pray.

Then I developed chills and fever.

More prayers.

I slept on the couch last night so as not to wake my husband with my restlessness.

This morning I woke with a nasty headache.

But I had my voice back, and the fever was gone.

And now the headache is gone, too.

This is one of the things I love about this online community.

With a single word, friends from all across the country–no, world–flood the throne room.

And now I’m looking forward to the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College tomorrow.

It’s a God thing, I think.

And I’m off!




  1. Connie@raise your eyes says

    What a wonder is our GOD! So thankful you’re healed and able to go.

    We have red-winged blackbirds in our neck of the woods also. I love the sounds they make, sort of a glycerin liquid trill…
    Connie@raise your eyes recently posted..following the river trail

  2. says

    Loved spending all that precious, wonderful, hilarious, thoughtful time together. All those ideas shoved into my brain, but no time to process them! Hope you get time in the stillness to discover what it is the Lord wanted you to see, to “net”, to own for yourself.

    I will never, ever forget your Festival Circle freewriting. Thank you for sharing that. You gave me one of the strongest, most unexpected and memorable metaphors for writing with honesty. Who could imagine what those five minutes would bring?!
    Ann Kroeker recently posted..Food on Fridays: Healthy Muesli

  3. Pam says

    I’ve been having this feeling that we live in the same area as I read through some of your posts… and here it is confirmed. Mmm… yep. Calvin College. :)

    Love this story and how God answers prayer through friends across the Internet.