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    What beautiful images, Sandy! They inspired me to find ones of my own that remind me of the songs of praise I hear throughout God’s creation. (I’ve linked here, but my post isn’t scheduled to appear for a couple hours yet, in case anyone tries to find it before then.)
    Carol J. Garvin recently posted..Of Reflections and Reflecting

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    It’s funny, when I pray that I can’t seem to end with the period. “Here I am. Speak. Your servant is listening.” I’m always ready to keep going, telling him what to tell me.

    He’s so patient.
    Lyla Lindquist recently posted..Preparation Day: 4

    • Sandra says

      Ha! I have this book by Jill Briscoe called, “Here Am I–Send Aaron.” I can identify with that.

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    Sandy, that second photo is priceless! “Here I am,” is exactly what he seems to be saying…”I’m ready, Lord, use me!” :) I didn’t feel so ready this week. I lost the color in a shroud of gray, but then right there is God in the most beautiful red I’d ever seen! These were the perfect words to start the weekend. Bless you!
    Cindee Snider Re recently posted..Intensity

    • Sandra says

      Or he could be saying, “Who me??” :)

      I’m slipping in Susan E’s photo from Monday up above if you didn’t see it. She connected it to a great quote.

      I’m glad the red overcame your gray. It’s a gorgeous photo!

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    Okay, I am so curious. How do you get all these amazing photos of birds so tight? They can hear me and fly away or if I take them out of a window, they don’t turn out well. Love these and with the verse, they are even more awesome.
    Shelly Miller recently posted..Look Who It Is!

    • Sandra says

      If they’re amazing, it’s not me. :)

      It’s the zoom on my camera. The robin was the first of last spring, and I took that one from my porch. I shot the flicker right out the living room window. :)

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    Hearing a message of hope from God recently — that had me stop and stand in awe. I shared at “God is whispring to me” ( and will later this week do a follow-up post on what commenters heard God whisper to them. These birds create such a beautiful visual! Thanks for posting! Amy

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    Every day I see His beauty. Like you I have the privilege of living in a beautiful area with an abundance of wildlife. Yet, if you choose, you can see His beauty every where. In the faces of friends, in the quiet walk beside the river, in sky from the front window, in the kind gesture of a stranger. Breathtaking photos, Sandy,and beautiful words.
    Cecilia Marie Pulliam recently posted..Still on the Hook