Time Out to Celebrate Megan

(Reposting this from October because it just seems fitting today.)

Lyla Lindquist is celebrating, too.

Be sure to join the party at her place.

And we’re celebrating with Jennifer over at Getting Down with Jesus.


by Megan Willome

It’s disgraceful

All this color


Pink flung

Purple creeping

Then orange

Why orange?

The clouds grey as the sun puts on bright clothes

Who wastes color like this?

Flinging beauty willy-nilly

As if everyone would see this sunrise.

I got an email from Megan last October. She wrote,

“I thought I’d share with you this poem that I started at Laity.

When I came back to it, I decided to arrange it Sandy-style.”

I never thought of myself as having a style.

What a precious, beautiful gift.

But this should not surprise me.

Because you are a beautiful gift, and I’m so very glad

that you’re my friend and January birthday pal.

Thank you for the way you reflect the colors of His beauty.

Happy Birthday, Megan!

with love.


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    • Sandra says

      So you’re not mad? Whew! 😀 😀

      And if anyone has style, it’s you! Praying for your week. That it would be restful and sweet.