Scripture Sunday: No More Thirst

Jesus said, “Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again and again.
Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst—not ever.
The water I give will be an artesian spring within,
gushing fountains of endless life.”
~John 4:13 (Message)


  1. says

    The scripture you chose is one of my favorites, but it’s your picture that’s moving me to action this morning. I’ve been filling my bird feeder, but since temperatures dropped I’d completely forgotten to fill my birdbath – going to remedy that immediately!

    • Sandra says

      I love our little water heater. Beats having to run outside all the time with a pitcher of hot water.

  2. says

    Oh Sandy!! This is such a simple and beautiful photo. I love it…my husband loves birds and identifies them just from their sweet songs. Thank you for sharing…with that verse, we’ll never thirst again!!

  3. says

    What a wonderful photograph you captured there. But I have to admit it makes me cold! Just love the way the Message tells the story in the scriptures. Great pairing.

  4. says

    I love doves too—especially their “cooing” calls—so different from the songbirds, haunting and soothing at the same time.

  5. says

    These are very pretty, and peaceful images, Sandra, and such promise in that scripture verse! This is my first time here from Katie’s site … I love all the encouragement I’m getting from all the entries! You have a blessed week! :)