Saturday’s Health Snippet: One Simple Way to De-Frazzle

“Stop! Back up!”

The car skidded to a stop in the dirt. Dennis backed up, and I jumped out, camera in hand.

He patiently (I think) followed me down the long drive, stopped and waited while I tiptoed through mud and scrambled over briars seeking beauty in the broken and the barren and the brown.









I think the lilacs are confused. It’s January, and it’s not that warm. Really.

For a few moments, I forgot about my ungloved icy fingers. I forgot that I had good shoes on over nylon knee-highs (now drooped around my ankles.) I forgot that my unzipped, simulated black leather jacket flapped in the wind. I forgot that my gray sweater had a scooped neck and only three-quarter length sleeves. It might not have been the smartest health moment, but it only took 10 minutes.

And though the wind tousled my hair, when I got back in the car, I felt like someone had run a brush through my snarled emotions.

I felt refreshed in body and spirit.

And I saw God!


Are you frazzled? Frayed a bit around the edges? Take just ten minutes to seek out some beauty in the midst of today’s tangles. Look at things from a different perspective. You might be surprised what you find.


Last year Saturdays were for snapshots. I’m trying something new. It just came to me today–this idea of health snippets. It turns out I have a lot of photos anyway. I might change my mind. We’ll see how it goes.

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  1. says

    Gee whiz, I love the heck out of you! This sounds like EXACTLY something I would do. “Wait. Stop. Back up.” Of course, I wouldn’t be running through snow or ice, but it does get a mite cool here at times – at least cool to this warm-blooded Californian. ‘Health Snippets’ – love that idea. And isn’t it amazing what can sometimes bring health?? Glad you’re finding beauty – but now big surprise there. :>)
    diana recently posted..The Power of a Good Romance

  2. says

    Getting my hubby to stop when traveling in a vehicle is pretty much impossible, so I’m totally envious of this moment of yours… or ten moments. I make my own by wandering around our rural property and neighbourhood with camera in hand. I agree, it’s an excellent method for defrazzling. I love your idea for Saturday’s Health Snippets. Will look forward to them.
    Carol J. Garvin recently posted..So, how’s your writing journey going?

  3. says

    You have hit on a suggestion I have seen experts recommend – the ten minute mini-vacation. Even if your only recourse is your imagination, take ten minutes to envision yourself somewhere beautiful and tranquil.

    You are blessed, Sandy, to find this beauty and tranquility through the lens of your camera. We are blessed to share them with you through your posts.
    Cecilia Marie Pulliam recently posted..Sunrise, Sunset

  4. Kathleen says

    I especially enjoyed the photo of the briars and weeds with the old home in the background. It would make an amazing painting or just blow up the photo for a great conversation-maker. All the thorns and berries also are very interesting. You have an amazing talent and to top it off, it invigorates you and brings health and perspective to your outing.

  5. says

    What beautiful photos! It was a playdate for me to look at them. Also, I adore the image of someone running a brush through frazzled emotions. As good as your pictures are, that word picture may be the one I carry from here. Thank you:)

  6. says

    I really enjoyed being “with” you on your 10-minute adventure/retreat — which is how I felt, reading this post. I love how you call yourself a “deep see diver” and that line, ” felt like someone had run a brush through my snarled emotions.”
    I just did the same thing, actually. Went outside for one thing, took my camera along, and got carried away, just taking shots of moss and lichens and old wood and winter’s hidden green. And felt likewise. Thank you for this further refreshment!
    Sylvia R. recently posted..The Very Best Way to Start January Mondays