Lacustrine Heart

Unravel the day

in solferino rivers

that flow to

Eden’s cor.

Unzip my skin,

unwrap lacustrine heart

beside the Horseshoe,

my world’s waters,

and let me simply drink

of Adam’s ale.

Inspired by the morning sky. Not adequately captured by The Droid.

In response to an invitation by Every Day Poems on its Facebook wall to create a poem using words from Word Bowl 2011.


I Read Light

Chasing Flickers
Book Review: Understanding What Matters Most by Stephanie Shott


    • Sandra says

      Hmm. I know what it means to me, but I’m not sure I’m supposed to tell you. The question is–what does it mean to *you*?

      And not dumb questions. I had to look the words up, too.

      And one of the tags might give a hint . . .

      Oh, and Happy Birthday!

    • Sandra says

      It could be about a flowing heart if you wanted it to be. ;)

      I grew up on a lake called Horseshoe Lake. Life was much simpler then. (hint)

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