Window on Writing: More Poems-in-Waiting


I admit it.

I’m hooked on Wordles.

So here is a continuation of yesterday’s post.

From Karen’s There-Isn’t-a-Story Wordle:

sank low
gathered skin
smothered death

From Karin’s Wordle-ing Poetry

Frozen layers
brittle heart
love cradled
gentle warmth
joy released.

From MaryAnn’s Collected Poems Wordle:

Morning flowers
wreathing time
ancient skies
ever young.

Have you tried yet?

My heart bursts its banks, spilling beauty and goodness. I pour it out in a poem to the king, shaping the river into words. ~Psalm 45:1 (Message)


    • Sandra says

      A little swing and a little swirl of words–like all of us giving the same pot a little stir. Love it.

    • Sandra says

      So much fun stuff you can do with it. You will love it! I’m going to try to make my Bible study ladies a Wordle book from the book of Hosea. (Try meaning if I have the time before Tuesday.) I’ll show you how. Easy peasy.