Textures of Text: Poems-in-Waiting

Last week I texturized a year of my poetry in Wordle form in response to a T.S. Poetry Press challenge.

And L.L. Barkat found a poem-in-waiting within those words:

Now find love
gentle sweet,
like blue expectations
attached to grace.

She found other poems in the Wordles of others, too, and featured them as well as links to all the Wordles over at the Tweetspeak Poetry blog.

Now she’s challenged us to find our own poems-in-waiting.

So here are a couple of my attempts.

From Deidra’s Writer’s Block Wordle:

Let go
golden labyrinth
shower wisdom
flowing thoughts
write well.

From L.L.’s InsideOut Wordle:

sweet whisper morning
cherry red sky
sugar white clouds
see deep

Maybe I’ll add some more later.

How about you? Can you find a poem-in-waiting from one of the Wordles?