One Lovely Blog~Part 1

Karen Smith, new friend and High Calling blogger, honored me several weeks ago with a One Lovely Blog award. What a nice surprise!

Karen is a fellow Michigander and calls herself a “business midwife” who helps individuals and companies give birth to their visions. She’s a consultant, speaker, coach, and writer who bubbles with inspiration and encouragement. Check out her blog at Words For Hire.

Thank you, Karen, for gifting me with your lovely thoughts and words, which mean more to me than any “award.” I acknowledge the following criteria for accepting it.

1. Post it with the name of the person who granted you the award along with a link to her web site.

2. Pass the award on to 15 blogs that you have newly discovered (if possible.)

3. Contact the bloggers to notify them they have received the award.

Big problem. There are so many wonderful bloggers I follow who are listed above in the links (as well as some whom I haven’t yet included), and choosing just 15 to pass this award on to is hard, hard, hard. Practically impossible.

So since this is a “lovely” award, I will narrow this short list to gals (and look for a “handsome” award for the guys.) Most of these bloggers are new friends, some not so new (and I’m counting new as within the last year), but all inspire and encourage me in my faith walk and in my writing. I list them in no particular order.

And bloggers, please understand there is NO pressure to accept this award or pass it on. I just want to publicly proclaim your influence on me and encourage others to visit you. I’m thrilled with this opportunity to do just that.

1. L.L. Barkat has written three books, and I own all of them. Yes, I’m a groupie. L.L. inspires me to write from where I am, to notice little details, and to express my thoughts poetically–and even post publicly. She blogs most often at Seedlings in Stone and Green Inventions.

2. Jennifer Dukes Lee is a college journalism instructor–what I might have studied had I not gone into nursing. And what I might study if she taught in Michigan or I lived in Iowa. She is a “cross-eyed” lady who has “cursed” me with the ability to see crosses everywhere–because “He’s everywhere, you know.” Oh, and her backyard is a cornfield, too. Check out her blog at Getting Down With Jesus.

3. Cassandra Frear maintains an award-free blog, but that will not stop me from acknowledging her place of rest and reflection and realness. She is a seeker who sees deep and writes beautifully. She also loves God’s creation and has committed to completing 1000 hikes. And she lives in a place where she might see a bobcat in her yard or a bear staring at her through a window. She is a real encourager to me. Go sit a while in the Moonboat Cafe.

4. Claire Burge is a photographer who lives in the moment. I always find light and rest at her place. And she teaches me stuff–like the rule of thirds and what those funny lines are on my camera. In fact, my husband has her to thank when he hears the door bang when I run out to snap something I see or when I scream “stop!” while we drive down the highway. Get in the moment with her at Claire B.

5. Susan Etole has a knack for saying so much in so little. Her place is a breath of fresh air. She sees and captures beauty in word and photo–things that most of us miss. And she is a real encourager. I find rest and refreshment in her moments at Just … A Moment.

6. Kathy Richards (AKA katdish) is one of a kind. I call her “barnkat” because she is a Barnabas encourager of mega proportions. And one of her passions is encouraging other writers. She’s wild and crazy and creative and funny and smart and sometimes, shes been told, “a tad sarcastic.” And she’s a big fan of the Sky Mall catalog. Don’t miss her at

7. Jody Hedlund‘s first book, The Preacher’s Bride, will be released next month. I get to interview her and give away a copy of her book on her birthday, November 3. You won’t want to miss it! Jody’s blog chronicles her writing journey and is filled with practical tips for writers. She’s also a Michigander. How could I not love her? Her blog is on her web site, Jody Hedlund, Author and Speaker.

That should keep you busy today. Stand by for part 2.


  1. says

    Sandra… wow! Thank you so much for counting me among this amazing group of people.

    Something that stands out for me about your photography and your writing is your spontaneity.

    Which of course explains the odd bang…


    • Sandra says

      See, Claire? You’ve blessed me again. I think of photography as an art and what I do as just taking pictures. :) Teach me, teacher!