Squirrel Thoughts – Sweating

SQUIRREL!! On my pillow this morning. First thing. And it’s all because of these. Who puts shoe forms in flip-flops anyway? These are Reeboks. What my husband wears around the house. Flip flop. Flip flop. Flip flop. So irritating! And I think he could mass produce them and sell them in the clock department. As […]

So What Is Real?

Are you for real? Can online relationships be real? Today Karin Fendick and I swap posts in the spirit of “friendship and community” as part of a High Calling Blogs community writing project called You Are Real. I don’t remember now how I “met” Karin, but I love to rest at bit a her place […]

Letting Go Of Ego

Embraced by self I dissect every failure.Gripped by pride I focus on every flaw.Oppressed by fear I stumble with every step. So . . . I amletting go of ego and clinging to the greatI AM. NOTE: This post is part of the One Word Blog Carnival on EGO. For other thoughts, visit One Word […]

Comfort in Discomfort

I am a nurse. Trained to dispense comfort. Sooth fears. Lessen pain. Ease anxiety. Provide hope. Give strength. But that’s not always comfortable. For patient or nurse. For the nurse it might mean to insist on discomfort. For the patient it might mean: to breathe deep and cough when it feels like an incision will […]

Summer Seating

I have a writing room of my own. I offered a tour here. But I’ve gravitated to the living room. To the soft leather chair with the soft leather footstool. With the laptop on my lap. Or half on the footstool and half on my knees. Front row center for Tiger baseball games. And because […]

Squirrel Thoughts – Crybaby

Monday: Melancholy day. Like every day after coming home from a visit with my sissy. Tuesday. Bad day. Crybaby day. Foot-in-mouth disease day. We all have them. This video helped me. I posted it on Facebook. But for those of you who didn’t see it, here it is again. It made me laugh. So I’m […]

There are Rules? A Photoplay Prompt

I wondered what those little lines were on the “P” section of the turny thing-a-ma-jig on my camera! I always freaked when I accidentally bumped into those boundaries. But guess what? They are supposed to help in photo composition using something called the “rule of thirds.” This is the kind of thing I learn by […]

A Worm… and a Hope


I’m more than halfway through Stone Crossings by L.L. Barkat, but I often go back to re-read what came before. And I’m hung up on the crimson (scarlet) worm, the towla worm, that she describes . “How then can a man be righteous before God? How can one born of woman be pure? If even […]

Squirrel Thoughts – Old

Dennis and I are silent as we drive along until . . . SQUIRREL! Me: “Stop the car! Now!” SQUEEEEAL! Him: “What? What’s wrong?” Me: “Cloud mountains. Must. Take. Picture.” Later at Hartwick Pines, I snap pictures of every sign and every display. A little research for my WIP. I linger in the bunkhouse and […]